Pallet Trailer

  • $123,456,789.00

Pallet delivery without a forklift, and as easy as you could imagine. This Trailer has two-7000 pound axles and can hold and deliver 3 pallets of just about anything! There are no special certifications needed, just a driver's licence and a single person can deliver pallets safely and efficiently with no need for a fork lift!

We developed this trailer for Master-Wall Stucco delivery in and around Boise Idaho, so many people comment and ask where it came from that we started to sell them.  They are used for pallets of sod, brick and stone, totes for agriculture chemicals, Pro-Spec 38% CaCl Dust Abatement, Pro-Spec Parking lot Crack Filler, basically anything pallet size or up to 3 pallet size footprint. 

It's an amazing tool that we find ourselves using all the time, watch the videos and you'll know why!